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How To Create Warhammer 40K Craters

Craters generally come because of enormous explosion due to bombs, meteors, or volcanic eruptions. In our modern world we could see craters if a bomb burst. We rarely find a crater made by falling debris coming in the skies because this may leave a very major crater. But from the Warhammer 40K universe they’re a regular thing so it’s unusual if you can’t find a miniature painting service. It’s therefore a frequent occurrence to find craters produced by matters landing out of the skies. Let’s place as instance a dent a lascannon would depart should it hit the floor.

Materials List

-polystyrene (styrofoam)

-utility knife

-PVA glue (white glue)


-toilet paper

-paint brush

Step 1 Prepare foundation

As the expression goes “that there are many ways to kill the cat” we could say that there are many items that we may really use for producing the base. It’s all up to you what the ideal substance to use is. A piece of thin wood or thin styrofoam will fit your job. However, for this job we utilize thin wood.

Step 2 Cut outside crater pieces

Developing a crater pieces will be simple as carrying the candy from a baby, just grab the styrofoam and cut small triangular wedges.

Step 3 Paste wedges

By employing PVA glue (white glue) stick all of the pliers you cut and stick together to the thin wood that we made for the foundation. In gluing the wedges, to make an exceptional look into the crater attempt to substitute the wedges or make a space between each wedge.

Step 4 Fill in gaps

Once you paste the wedges, then you can observe that in each wedge there’s a gap, then fill out the gaps between the wedges by means of a plaster. But in case you’ve got putty you may utilize it in filling out the openings.